Personal Assistant

What is the Personal Assistant service?

The Prepaid TravelSIM®+Personal Assistant Service is the easy to use concierge service available with your Prepaid TravelSIM®+.

Available any time, day or night, our Personal Assistants can help you while you are away with live language translations, reserving hotels, flights or cars and can even assist you with finding a local doctor. 

To access Personal Assistant, dial +372991 from your Prepaid TravelSIM®+.

What is the cost to use the Personal Assistant?

Until 1 January 2016, we are waiving the $15 registration fee allowing you to take advantage of the service for the cost of a local call.

Where can I use Personal Assistant?

Anywhere your Prepaid TravelSIM®+has coverage, the Personal Assistant service is available.  So the next time you find yourself asking ‘How do I get to the airport?” call +372991 to find out the answer. 

For a full list of services offered through the Prepaid TravelSIM®+Personal Assistant Service please click here.

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