Value Added Services

With Prepaid TravelSIM®+ you get a new number and SIM card that you place in your existing handset when you go overseas.

Prepaid TravelSIM®+ has great international roaming rates for calls, text and data and is the perfect travel companion to take overseas.

*Note: discounted rates only for certain countries. Click here for more info.

Is Prepaid TravelSIM®+ right for you?

Follow these 3 easy steps to find out:

Step 1:  Check Prepaid TravelSIM®+ has coverage in the countries you are travelling to.

Step 2:   Check that your mobile phone handset will work in the countries you are travelling to.  If you are travelling to Japan, South Korea, USA or the Americas, you need to do this step.  Otherwise if your handset works in Australia, it will work in all other parts of the world.

Step 3:  Check that your handset is unlocked.  Network locking can be removed by contacting your service provider.


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