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Data, calls and texts when you travel.

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  • Data, voice and text around the world

  • No minimum daily spend

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Customer Reviews

  • No bill shock and easy to use

    Just returned from Italy, Greece and Singapore and found the Prepaid TravelSIM worked really well. Got the bonus 1GB data, recharged twice using the app -no problem. Reasonable charge rates for calls and sms. No bill shock, easy to use and set up. Can recommend for peace of mind while travelling. 

    By Jenny W

  • Very convenient

    It worked straight off as soon as I arrived in India; hooked up to the local network, and I was able to SMS my family every day, and call them by voice as needed. Very convenient and hassle free! I had the same great experience in the USA, and in South Africa.

    By Geoff R

  • No hidden surprises

    It was easy to understand, easy to set up, easy to use. I was notified each country I went into of call rates etc so there was no hidden surprises. Will definitely be using it on my next travels

    By Jade S

Device network locking must be removed in order for the Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM® to work. For full terms, conditions, rates and charges visit Terms & Conditions.